Long March 7 • Experimental scaled model

It will be maiden flight of new medium Chinese Long March 7 rocket. According to some sources payload will be scaled model of reentry capsule, which will be part of new Chinese spacecraft - successor of Shenzhou. Long March 7 rocket was developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation basing on Long March 2F with identical core diameter at 3.35 m and diameter of liquid fueled boosters (2.25 m). Propulsion was changed N2o4/UDMH for liquid oxygen and kerosene. In the core of the rocket and inside four boosters will be same engines - YF-100 by Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute. Each engine will give 1200 kN at sea level. Second stage will be powered by four YF-115 engines with thrust at 706 kN which were also designed by Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute. Rocket is long for 53.1 m and weighs 594000 kg and will be able to lift 13500 kg for Low Earth Orbit.