Proton-M • EchoStar-21

Press Release

Proton-M/Briz-M launch vehicle will deliver Echostar-21 satellite to GEO orbit from Baikonur cosmodrome for Echostar Corporation. Satellite will extend constellation of Echostar satellites and will help in improving services offered in Europe; it will provide 2 GHz mobile voice and data communications utilizing S-band transponders. Satellite was built by Space Systems/Loral (SSL) on SSL-1300S bus with estimated operational life of 15 years. Satellite weight is 6910 kg.

Launch service provider, International Launch Services, will use during this mission their reliable workhorse: Proton combined with Briz-M upper stage. Launch vehicle is liquid fueled with N2O4/UDMH. Weight of the rocket is 712800 kg with height at 58 m and diameter at 7.4 m in the first stage which is powered by six RD-253-14D14 (providing up to 10532 kN). Second stage (with height at 14 m and with diameter at 4.1 m) is powered with three RD-0210 and one RD-0211 providing thrust at 2399 kN. Third stage (with height at 6.5 m) is equipped with one RD-0212 with thrust at 613.8 kN. Briz-M is powered by one S5.98M with thrust at 19.6 kN.