Rokot • Sentinel-3A

Press Release

ESA satellite SENTINEL-3A launch is planned. Main goal for SENTINEL-3A satellite is supporting weather forecasting by measuring topography the sea and differences between sea and land temperatures. SENTINEL-3A was constructed by Thales-Alenia Space for use in Copernicus water quality and land-monitoring programme. Liftoff mass is 1250 kg, planned orbit height is 800 km. Planned carrier is ROKOT rocket, three stage, liquid fueled rocket system offered by  Eurockot Launch Services (Russian-German joint –venture company) for low altitude missions. Rocket was based on SS-19 ICBM combined with modern BRIZ-KM upper stage. According to TASS news agency it is possible that launch will be moved to January 2016. Reason was described as purely formal, Tass quotes its source:

"However, it turned out that the documents for starting the pre-launch preparatory work had not been agreed with the Russian military agency and the Khrunichev space centre"

Launch was postponed to January 2016. Exact date was not given to public.

UPDATE: At the moment given date is 4th February 2016.