Rokot • Sentinel-5P

Scheduled launch of next satellite developed and manufactured for ESA Copernicus program by Airbus Defence and Space. This time Sentinel-5P will help in research and analysis of chemical composition of the atmosphere. It will be equipped Tropomi, which is special device for atmosphere monitoring designed by Airbus Defence and Space. Satellite will weigh around 900 kg and will be based on Astrosat-250 satellite bus powered by three deployable solar arrays. During its lasting for seven years mission, it will remain on 824 km circular orbit with inclination at 98.75°. Launch vehicle in this mission will be Rokot - launch vehicle operated by Eurockot Launch Services. It is based on SS-19 ICBM, liquid fueled (UDMH/N2O2) rocket launched from special ramp from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. With Briz-KM upper stage rocket is able to lift to LEO 1900 kg of payload. Rocket length is 27 m, diameter is 2.5 m and start mass is 107 t.