Rokot-KM • Geo-IK-2

Maybe Rokot is not future of Russian space industry, but still it is used for government and commercial contracts. This time on atop of Eurockot launch vehicle its place will find Geodesies satellite from Geo-IK series. After first failed attempt of putting Geo-IK into orbit performed on 2011 it will be second trial; satellite will provide necessary geodesies data for Russian Ministry of Defense which operator of the satellite. Spacecraft was built by ISS Reshetnev (NPO PM) with Thales Alenia as subcontractor for onboard altimeter; additional payload will be laser retro reflectors and combined GPS and GLONASS receiver. Weight of satellite is 1400 kg, power is provided by deployable solar arrays. Satellite will be placed on 1000 km × 1000 km orbit with inclination at 99.4°.

Rokot weight is 107000 kg with length of 29 m and diameter at 2.5 m. It was designed basing on UR-100N ICBM. It consists three stages rocket with liquid fueled propulsion (N2O4/UDMH). First stage propulsion is 3 RD-0233 and 1 RD-0234 engines with sum thrust at 2080 kN. Second stage is powered with two engines: RD-0235 and RD-0236 with total thrust at 255.76 kN. Third stage is Briz-KM with one S5.98M engine providing thrust at 19.6 kN.