Soyuz-U • Progress-MS

Progress-MS spacecraft will be launched on atop Soyuz-2.1a rocket with supply mission to International Space Station. Progress-MS is upgraded version of Progress-M - main modifications were change of onboard computer Argon-16 to more powerful and lighter modern TsVM-101 and replacing analogue telemetry system with modern digital MBITS. As usual, Progress-MS will deliver to ISS 2350 kg of various supplies; payload consists 1800 kg of pressurized cargo, 420 kg of water, 50 kg of air and up to 850 kg propellant. Progress-MS will dock to ISS after standard two days of rendezvous procedure. Launch postponed from July 7 to 17th July due the problems spotted with avionics in Soyuz-MS. Problem could also appear on avionics software of Progress-MS, Roscosmos decided to perform additional tests of Progress and delay launch.