Soyuz-2.1B • Resurs-P3

For this launch various departments and authorities are waiting since 2015 (when Resurs-P3 was scheduled to be launched firstly). Resurs-P is one of most universal observation spacecrafts made in Russia by TsSKB-Progress in recent years. It will serve to Ministries of Agriculture and Fishing, Meteorology, Transportation, Emergencies, Natural Resources and Defense; it will remain under operational control of Roscosmos. It will be equipped Geoton-L1 hyperspectral imaging device with ground resolution of 1 meter in panchromatic and up to 4 meters in full color mode. Resurs is third from series of new observation satellites (five are planned). It weighs 6750 kg; it is powered with solar arrays and onboard battery and will remain operational for around five years. It will be placed on orbit 470 km × 480 km with inclination at 97.28°. Series of Resurs-P will replace Resurs-DK remaining on orbit since 2006. For this mission Roscosmos planned to utilize Soyuz-2.1B with Fregat upper stage, just like during previous Resurs-P missions.