Soyuz-2.1b • Tundra-12L

Russia planned to continue modification of fleet of early warning observation and communication satellites. Tundra-12L is second satellite from series of six designated to replace US-K and US-KMO satellites (part of OKO system started in 1972). Tundra had been developed since 2000 with final contracted signed in 2007 by Russian Ministry of Defense with RKK Energia. Tundra known also as EKS is basing on USP bus, payload is provided by TsNII Kometa. In spite of early warning and communication Tundra satellites are able to provide emergency communication in case of nuclear war. It is planned to utilize in this mission Soyuz-2.1B with Fregat module. 2.1B version is often used during military missions with launch site at Plesetsk Cosmodrome.