SS-520-4 • TRICOM-1

Press Release

Modified sounding rocket with 3 kg Cubesat on atop - well it should not be surprising in era of nanotechnologies ! JAXA decided to use sounding rocket with added third stage to deliver to 180 km  x 1500 km and inclined at 31° orbit 3U CubeSat created by  University of Tokyo. It is spin stabilized Cubesat equipped with five cameras and data transmitter.

SS-520-4 is fin stabilized rocket, version of SS-520 with third stage. It is utilizing spinning as method of stabilization; with length of 9.65 m (SS-520) and diameter of 520 mm it weighs over 2600 kg. Payload capacity is 140 kg. Rocket was launched for the first time in 1998 from Uchinoura and for the second time in 2000 from Norwegian Svalbard Satellite Station.