Super Strypi • ORS 4

Press Release

Super Strypi is a three stage solid fueled rocket designed to cost effectively orbit small satellites. It has been developed by Sandia National Laboratory. The rocket is rail-launch and spin stabilized with fixed fins. It uses a cold gas attitude control system during second and third stage flight. Super Strypi can boost 275 kg to a 400 km sun synchronous orbit from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii.

The HawaiiSat-1 mission consists of 55 kg orbiting satellite, named HiakaSat (Hyperspectral Imaging, Aeronautical Kinematic Analysis Satellite), which will be the platform for demonstrating a UH-developed long wave infrared hyper-spectral imaging system. The satellite will be also carrying visible color and IR imagers to provide wide and narrow view images of the Earth, and a star camera for attitude determination. Hiaka means "to recite legends or fabulous stories" in Hawaiian,