Vega • OPSAT-3000 & VENUS

OPSAT-3000 satellite will be launched on atop of Vega rocket between July and August 2017. It is military satellite made by IAI and bought under offset contract by Italian Ministry of Defense. OPSAT-3000 is designed as high resolution imaging reconnaissance satellite utilizing IMPS-2 platform. Weight of satellite is 300 kg, power is provided by two deployable solar arrays. Along with OPSAT, VENUS satellite will be put into orbit. It is Earth observation satellite manufactured by IAI and RAFAEL as a result of cooperation between France and Israel. Satellite will help in precision agriculture and general monitoring.

Vega rocket was designed in Italy and is manufactured by Avio. Rocket weight is at 137000 kg, with height at 30 m and diameter at 3 m. It is able to lift to SSO payload with mass at 1450 kg. Rocket consists three solid fueled stages: first powered by P80 engine with 2261 kN of thrust, second equipped with Zefiro-23 engine offering 871 kN of thrust and third stage which propulsion is Zefiro-9 engine (with thrust at 260 kN). Upper stage called AVUM is liquid fueled and equipped with one RD-843 engine providing 2.42 kN of thrust.