Vega • PeruSat-1 & SkySat

Perusat-1 is imaging reconnaissance satellite built by Airbus Defense and Space under contract with Peru Government from 2014. Satellite is based on reliable AstroBus-S platform with weight at 450 kg will be equipped with 1-meter panchromatic imager and 2-meter imager operating in 4 spectral bands. Equipment will be powered by onboard batteries and two deployable solar arrays. Satellite will provide high resolution imaging for Peruvian military forces. Additional payload during this mission will be four Skysat imaging satellites operated by Skybox. Each from four satellites weighs 100 kg, is powered by onboard batteries and solar cells and will remain operational for at least six years.

Launch service provider, Arianespace is going to utilize Vega rocket in this mission. Vega is three stage rocket with weight at 137000kg, height at 30 m and diameter at 3 m. Maximum SSO payload is 1450 kg. All three stages are solid fueled: first is powered by P80 engine with 2261 kN of thrust. Second stage is powered by one Zefiro-23 engine with thrust at 871 kN. Third stage is equipped with Zefiro-9 engine providing thrust at 260 kN. AVUM upper stage is liquid fueled and powered by RD-843 engine with thrust at 2.42 kN.