VEx-5A • Test flight

Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE-National Space Activities Commission, Argentinian civilian space agency) planned next test flight of their experimental VEx-5A rocket for July 2016. VEx is series of prototypes and technology demonstrators for future Tronador II launch vehicle. First test flight of VEx, marked as VEx-1A, was performed in February 2014 but rocket failed. Second flight was performed on August 2014 - rocket reached assumed altitude of 22200 m after 27 seconds of flight and it was recovered after landing on parachutes. Flight planned for July 2016 will be performed by VEx-5A rocket which will be equipped with stronger T10 engine with thrust at 298 kN with unchanged length of the rocket with 14.5 m. Launch site for VEx rockets is placed in Las Pipinas, Punta de Indio in Buenos Aires Province.