NASA Astrobiologist Expects to Find a New World with Life through TESS 

Dr. Vladimir Airapetian believes that the TESS hunting satellite has the big capability of finding a planet with life. Since the successful launch of TESS last Wednesday, the 100 experts are discussing the different factors that are influencing the life on planet Earth. The discussion was at the Environments and Terrestrial Planets Symposium

Dr. Vladimir Airapetian awaits the massive data from TESS that has possible data about the possible life that is happening on other planets. He is very eager regarding starting the investigation and finding the possibility of life in the planets. In past years, the Kepler Satellite of NASA was the main source of information of the other Earth-like planets. As of now, the discovery offers about 2,300 planets same as the earth but with different sizes and atmosphere. 

TESS has 95% vision when it comes to the scanning the possible Earth-like planets. It gives a next and future step of discovery than the Kepler satellite. It also provides an insight into the other dwarf planets that are in the solar system. 

TESS has the capacity of exploring for other planets that are from distances of 20 to 50 light years. It also has proven capable of finding planets that are much closer. Therefore, there is a big chance of not only seeing other planets but also making sure that the sign of life is there. 

The NASA scientists are expecting to find a massive number of 20,000 new worlds. It would prove to be a big achievement as many of this worlds yield not only a potential of life but also a chance for future observation and studies. There is a big reason to hope of its occurrence and existence in the universe. From here, the excitement and anticipation of the scientists are on a larger scale than those of the Kepler satellite mission. 

The amplification of the signal coming from TESS gives a new insight of the possible 1st planet with life. It gives the experts at NASA a chance to make other studies that concern these other new planets. In doing so, the future of space missions is going to be important than before. It is great to change a drastic change that is going to happen in the following months or years. 

People are also eager of the new development that NASA would provide. There is a big chance of gaining more data and information from TESS.