Southern California port gets the first BFR factory by Space X

Press Release


The news which now has captivated all headlines is that SpaceX plans to build a huge BFR rocket booster inside a factory at the Port of Los Angeles. 

The initiative was taken by Space X, and it will add some great benefits to the future.  The news was under a speculation till last week when the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti confirmed that the organization Space X is leaving no stone unturned to produce the first big falcon rocket at the port.

He even twitted that it will take humanity to a deeper cosmos in the future like never before. 

The complete project details are still not revealed, but little information that is doing the round is even vital.  The inception of this project took place around three years back when and finally on Thursday the agreement has been approved by both the parties.

Let’s take a keen look at the structure of the SpaceX rocket.  The rocket is nearly 350 feet long and spans around 30 feet.

In this rocket the reusable vehicle is divided into two pieces, and both the stage are important to understand the structural pattern of it.

There is a booster stage which is powered by the methane-fuelled raptor engine. This can alone produce around 12 million pounds of thrust and is capable to return to the earth for a vertical landing.

The upper stage is a little bit different.  It will be used as an interplanetary transported medium which can carry people, supply satellites and propellant tanks. 

The BRF needs huge space with access to the water body as it is not possible for the people to transport it on the trucks just like the Falcon 9, and other heavy boosters. A barge will pick up the Brf booster along with its upper stage which is known as the big falcon spaceship, and then it will transfer them to the main landing site. 

The design of this huge vehicle is still in its initial stage and needs some time to get ready. But the BFR is about to dominate all the other rockets of Space X currently flying and can only be compared with NASA’s Saturn 5 moon rocket. This will also produce a huge thrust at the lift-off twice much more than the Apollo era launcher in the past.

A report says that the company is going to pay a sum of $1.38 billon to the port every year according to the lease agreement.