SpaceX touch in New Tesla

Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Roadster going to rock the roads in 2020 would have a special upgrade from SpaceX. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, as well as SpaceX. The former company is excelling in road safety and luxury in automobiles while the later is into Space exploration. 

During the annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday, Elon Musk announced that a new package would be available with the upcoming model of Tesla. However, the package has not been revealed yet, but Musk gave a hint of the upgrade coming in November. This upgrade would allow the vehicle to “fly short hops.” 

Elon wishes to utilize rocket technology for the commercial and corporate purposes. His desire to commercialize the space industry and take the humans to the sky signify that he is working towards a revolution. SpaceX has proved to be revolutionary, and so is Tesla. The customers of the wagon are happy and satisfied. Tesla is a renowned name in the automobile industry, and this upgrade would make it the new favorite of the car lovers who want speed, power, thrill, and control. 

SpaceX has been making and sending rockets, and we anticipate flying cars from an entrepreneur like Elon Musk. Though unlike rockets carrying satellites to space, the car has limitations of its own. But rocket technology-induced into automobile industry would create an echo of an upgrade never thought of. Everybody is waiting to know what exactly Tesla has to offer in this upgrade package. 

Musk has given a hint that Tesla is working to prove that an electric car can outperform gas-powered counterparts."Gasoline cars still have sort of a halo effect, and I think if we can show an electric car can outperform a gasoline car in every way, then we can get rid of that halo effect," he said.

Bloomberg in September 2017 announced the collaboration of Tesla and SpaceX employees in identifying the problems in an aluminum auto part. Tesla employees admitted to this fact that SpaceX and Tesla often work together to solve out issues quickly and seamlessly.

Tesla unveiled the car is November 2017. However, this new roadster is supposed to hit the market in 2020. The new Tesla could go from 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, reaching a top speed of 250 mph, and can drive 620 miles per charge. The price of new Roadster starts at $200,000.