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DAWN officially finished its mission

After 9 years of space journey, DAWN space probe finished its primary mission successfully! Three days ago on June 30, DAWN probe finished its main mission. It sent to Earth 69000 images and 132 GB of data, among others with results of research performed on composition of surface of both celestial bodies. For example thanks to DAWN…
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NASA's Dawn spaceshuttle that was launched way back in 2007 to investigate the two protoplanets present in our asteroid belt ,namely Ceres and Vesta is in the last leg of it's mission.  The probe will reach very close to the biggest minor Planet Ceres in the near future. Dawn will be shifting into an orbit…
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NASA about to reach closest to Ceres, the Dwarf Planet

The Dawn spacecraft of NASA sent the closest picture of Ceres on 16th of May this year. At this time, the spacecraft came closest to this dwarf planet. It was about 440 kilometres away from the planet. Ceres is a giant asteroid and is also the one and only dwarf planet inside our solar system. …
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NASA to encounter with Ceres

One of the NASA satellites is about to face a meeting with the Ceres Asteroid. It is the only giant asteroid which is considered to be a dwarf planet within the inner solar system. In the current month, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will come to Ceres and will be positioned 22 miles above the asteroid which…
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