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Soyuz MS-01 on Earth !

Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-01 left today at night docking port of Rassvet module and took course on Earth. Sunday morning Kate Rubins, Anatoly Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi were already on Earth ! Finally members of Expedition 49 reached Earth after spending 115 days and 1840 orbits in space. This mission will also remembered as…
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Dragon undocking and reentry scheduled for 11th May 2016

NASA planned undocking from International Space Station SpaceX Dragon robotic spacecraft from resupply mission CRS-8 for 11th May 2016. Dragon will deliver scientific payload to Earth. Launched on April 8, 2016, Dragon spacecraft docked to International Space Station on April 9, 2016. Dragon delivered during CRS-8 mission 3136 kg of payload: 640 kg of science materials and…
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NASA’s Johnson Space Center Gets a New Director

The Johnson Space Center at NASA is getting a new director. Ellen Ochoa currently heads this space center located in Houston, Texas. Ochoa will retire on May 25 this year. Ochoa has spent 30 years at NASA.  The new director in the person of Mark Geyer currently holds an interim position at the NASA headquarters.…
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