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Problems with Juno just before flyby

NASA space probe Juno, remaining in space since 2011, performed course correction maneuver after not too lucky flyby on October 19, and will conduct next scheduled flyby close to Jupiter on 11th December 2016. Juno, which remains on Jupiter orbit since July 4, 2016, is still at the moment on long orbit. It makes possible visiting Jupiter…
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Juno arrived !

NASA Juno space probe entered Jupiter's orbit and is in perfect condition.  It was most important moment during Juno's mission which lasts since 2011 and impressive show of JPL abilities for developing and operating deep space probes. After performing two deep space maneuvers and orbit corrections on June 16, 2016 (first two burns of main…
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Juno is getting close to Jupiter !

After five years of space journey NASA space probe Juno is getting close to its mission's objective: Jupiter. Yesterday NASA used Deep Space Network 70 m dishes to send four commands from Goldstone, Colorado for Juno space probe which is 860.81 million kilometers from Earth and is getting close to Jupiter. Commands were sent at 19:15 GMT and were…
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