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Two Chinese astronauts reached space during fourth flight of Long March 2F/G !

CNSA conducted successful launch of manned Shenzhou-11 spacecraft with two astronauts onboard; Jing Haipeng (commander - third space flight) and Chen Dong (flight engineer - first space flight) will reach Tiangong-2 space station after two days of space travel. This is second milestone of Tiangong-2 program; first was of course delivering to orbit Tiangong-2 station and…
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Two space stations on orbit – Tiangong-2 launched successfully !

China has launched their second in history space station yesterday from placed on Gobi desert Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.  Launch took place at 14:04 GMT on Thursday in the first day of planned launch. Long March 2F/T2 rocket was launched from Pad 921 at Launch Complex 43 what ended its 40-day time period in Jiuquan spent after…
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